Sunday, 10 May 2015

Travel: Verona.

See 4 days in 4minutes!

Let me take you guys with us to our short trip to Verona city. The city of romance, old buildings, super delicious ice cream. awesome shops with awesome brands and don't forget the great big pizza's.



Saturday, 9 May 2015

Outfits: Rugged.

The appearance of a boy, usually in his teens, that includes a bit of scruff, buff and a lot of sexy.
A rugged boy is the kind you would want to be alone in the wilderness with, for more than one reason. ( translation found on urban dictionary )

I was wearing this snapback without even knowing what it meant haha bad me! But i really liked the typography of it, so before i made a bigger fool out of myself i looked it up and found the definition online, there were more definitions but this one suits the outfit more :p.

Lucky for us it was Sunday and the every first Sunday of the month the colosseum in Verona only charged 1 euro entrance. So of course we went to check it out. For me it was really cool to see ancient architecture, and of course it's a super awesome backdrop for cool photo's :p thanks to my friends who took the time and tried their best to shoot some pic's for me, Luh ya guys. Don't you think they did a great job?

What do you guys like to visit/see when going on vacation/holiday?? I would love to know!



Hat: Jack & Jones.
Shades: H&M.
Polo: ZARA.
Jacket: Zara
Jeans: Replay
Socks: River Island
Shoes: Pull & Bear.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Outfits: Shades Of Blue.

So i went on a short trip to Verona, Italy with my friends. We had a blast!
Verona is the city of Romeo & Juliet. A place where there's romance everywhere.

We had shitty weather on arrival, but that didn't stop us. So when the sun finally broke trough it was time to let the guns out, haha.  Im not going to typ my whole experience, ill stick with the pictures for this post. 

I will blog more about Verona on upcoming posts. There will be more pictures coming soon, allot of food and "culture" shots.

Stay tuned, And as always scroll down for details.



T-Shirt: Jack&Jones.
Jeans/Shorts: Bershka.
Shades: H&M.
Watch: Regal.
Socks: River Island.
Shoes: Pull & Bear.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Outfits: Yes Man.

If you guys are a bit like me, most of the time you answer yes to every question.

- Can you come to work tomorrow? YES of course!
- Can you go and get this for me? Sure why not! 
- Would you like some Vodka? or maybe even allot! YES PLEASE!! 
- Those pants fits you great! Would like them in all colours?? We have 100 colours. Of course, I like colours!!

* The vodka and the 100 pairs of pants are exaggerated but you get the point right?

I myself am guilty of that. Afraid of letting people down, putting their happiness before my own. Pleasing other people. If you can relate then you are definitely a YES man/woman. 

So here's another fact about me, I'm a Yes Man.

As always outfit details are down below.

xoxo, Makara.

Sweater: 21MEN.
Jacket: ZARA.
Jeans: Bershka.
Shoes: ZARA.
Bag: Pull & Bear.